SofLens Toric Contact Lenses For Astigmatism by Bausch and Lomb

SofLens Toric Contact Lenses For Astigmatism by Bausch and Lomb

Contact lenses have become common amongst most people these days, mostly because of their easy usage and also look. However, with so many options to choose from, you may wonder which is the most reliable. Well, look no further! Soflens Toric Contact Lenses are the best you can find.

What are they?

As the latest addition to the incredibly popular Soflens Comfort lens series from Bausch and Lomb, these lenses have already taken the market by storm. Why wouldn’t they? They were made by the best contact lens brand in the world! Whether you’re old or young, these will feel hip and with the latest trends.

What makes them different?

These lenses are made from soft hydrophilic material, are tinted with Reactive Blue Dye-246 and are sold as a spherical lens. Soflens 59 has the best features a contact lens could offer:


  1.  Clear vision


    They are the best at what they do- give clear vision. Not only do they help you see well during the day time, they help you see well in places with low lighting. No longer worry about glare, blurriness and other things when you leave at night either. With its refractive index, it accurately aims the light rays onto your retina, making sure you can see every detail.

  2. Incredibly comfortable to wear

    With the dual edge property of a tangent and an asymmetric tapered edge, Soflens 59 is comfortable and easy to wear. It is this property that equalizes the mass distribution across the lens, and results in problem-free coordination between the lens lid interface and cornea.
  3. High water content


    The water content of these lenses is about 59%. So, not only is your eye moist throughout the day, you also feel fresh. This makes the oxygen permeability high, ensuring that you don’t feel discomfort while wearing them.

  4. Convenient to use


    There are no complex steps or precautions you have to take with these lenses. Simply put them in and them out as you need and store them in the case given. They are tried and tested, so don’t worry about the longevity either!

They are also incredibly affordable. What are you waiting for? Buy the right Soflens 59 contact lenses for you now!