Eyes are the best gift God gave us. It is through them that we see this beautiful world. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to take good care of your eyes. Eyes problems have become a common tendency among people of all age groups. Wearing glasses for getting a correct vision is an outdated method. Boring, weighted, and stressful on your skin, spectacles ponder with your beauty. But now is the time for contact lenses. Easy, effective, and completely adjustable with your eyes, they enhance your beauty. Are you thinking of which contact lenses to buy? The only answer to this could be the Air Optix Aqua.

With a reputation for building the bests contact lenses in the industry, Air Optix Aqua ensures love and comfort to your eyes. Its lenses are crafted with extra care so that they remain weightless and do not strain your eyes.

Why Choose Air Optix Aqua?

Air Optix in its new Aqua range has surpassed the parameters of excellence.
1. Comfort
The lenses are extremely comfortable. You wouldn’t feel as if you are wearing something on your eyes. The best part stays that when other lenses cannot be worn while sleeping, the Air Optix range Aqua can be worn even during your sleep. So pulling out your lenses is now turned an option for you.
2. Low Maintenance.
Are you tired of having to clean your lenses regularly? Then switch to the Aqua range of Air Optix contact lenses. These lenses can last up to 6 days without any cleaning. It is a perfect option for people leading a busy life.
3. Quality.
The new Aqua range of Air Optix contact lenses are crafted with high-quality Lotrafilcon B material. It makes the lenses all the way more comfortable and long-lasting. It has a 30% lower contact angle that increases the wettability of the lenses and prevents dryness of the eyes. Another wetting agent with hydrophilic properties allow the eyelid to move smoothly over the lenses.


Air Optix’s Aqua range comes in a pack of 6 lenses. See the world better. Forget all the dryness and discomfort attached to contact lenses. Go get your pack of Aqua contact lenses today.