Types of contact lenses

Eyes on the Prize: A Guide to Different Types of Contact Lenses

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Discomfort on the nose bridge and behind the ear, slipping and falling issues of the glasses are common problems faced by people wearing glasses. So people wearing glasses opt for contact lenses as a flexible, comfortable and effective alternative to glasses to correct vision. Lensonline.in has a wide range of branded contact lenses of different types that fit every individual unique requirements,

In this blog, we will guide you through the different types of contact lenses for clear and comfortable vision.

  1. Disposable Contact Lenses

Disposable contact lenses are contact lenses that are used for specific periods. Daily disposable contact lenses offer flexibility and come in different ranges like daily, bi-weekly, monthly and yearly depending on the person’s preference.

Disposable contact lenses offer numerous benefits as they provide a hygienic alternative with clear vision that lowers the risk of eye infection. Disposable contact lenses have made maintenance and storing of the contact lenses easy and convenient.

  • Daily Disposable Contact Lenses: –

Daily disposable contact lenses can be used for a single day and disposed of afterwards. It is an ideal choice for people who want comfort and hygiene over anything else for the eyes. You can start your day with a fresh, clean pair of daily disposable lenses.

Daily Disposable contact lenses offer convenience as there is no requirement for cleaning and storing of the contact lenses. They are made with good quality material that provides moisture to the eyes reducing the chances of dry eyes and irritation. Individuals who travel frequently, are in sports and need the convenience of maintaining contact lenses can opt for daily disposable contact lenses.

  • Bi-weekly Disposable Contact Lenses for Affordable solution

Bi-weekly disposable contact lenses provide the best alternative for daily disposable contact lenses in a budget-friendly way. They are also known as two-week disposable contact lenses. Unlike daily disposable contact lenses, Bi-weekly contact lenses need to be cleaned properly during their use period. They provide convenient, hygienic and budget-friendly solutions for the people.

  • Monthly Disposable Contact lenses

Monthly disposable lenses are commonly used because they are comfortable and affordable, and they last for one month. Monthly contact lenses need to be cleaned continuously. When maintained properly they provide a great and affordable solution to eyes. With their high oxygen openness, monthly lenses support the health and comfort of your eyes all month long. For all different sight needs, they come in several colours and designs.

  1. Clarity in a Long Run: Yearly Solutions: –

Yearly disposable lenses have the highest service life of all disposable lenses, as they are only replaced once a year. They are a great option for people who want a lasting solution because they are lasting and affordable. Proper care and cleaning are needed to ensure they are safe and nice for a long time. Yearly lenses are made of strong materials that are resistant to everyday use and pain, but for one to stop growth and keep the clear vision, they need to be cleaned and handled carefully.

  1. Toric Contact Lenses for stable vision

Toric Contact lenses correct astigmatism a type of problem where the uneven shape of the cornea results in blurry vision to the people. They provide an optimal solution for those suffering from which is a vision problem that affects the cornea or lens of the eye. These lenses are made in such a way that corrects the uneven shape of the cornea for stable and clear vision. Toric contact lenses work for plenty of lifestyles and tastes because they come in removable choices such as daily, bi-weekly, and monthly. Because of their lasting design, astigmatism patients can benefit from lasting vision correction.

  1. Multifocal Lenses for clear and hassle-free vision

Multifocal lenses offer a great solution to people suffering from presbyopia, which is a condition that grows with age mostly affects people in their 40s and makes it difficult to see nearby objects. With these lenses, some vision-fixing spots merge into one, so you can see properly at all times without the need for reading glasses or bifocals. Multifocal contact lenses come in several reusable options and are perfect for ageing eyes. They increase normal vision comfort and usefulness by smoothly mixing near, middle, and far vision.

  1. Coloured Contact Lenses to Enhance Your Beauty

Coloured Contact Lenses enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. It provides people a way to change the natural colour of their eyes and allows people to experiment with their looks.  They give you the option to change your look, and it can be used with or without vision correction. Coloured lenses are an enjoyable way of changing your look, whether you choose a small lift or a complete change. They come in a variety of colours to fit your taste and style, and you can pick from daily, bi-weekly, or monthly disposable options.